Student: Phoebe

Teacher: Ya-Ting Yang


Hi, my name is Phoebe. I am going to introduce our school canteen today. We have a bakery, a noodle stand, a drink stand and catena.

-First this is our bakery. There are a variety of bread. All of its equipment is a standardized.

-Second, we have a noodle stand. It sells different kinds of Taiwanese style noodles.

-Third, the drink stand is our students’ favorite. Students in our school like to come here to have a cup of drink and discuss their homework or just chat to have with their friends here.

-Finally, this is our catena. It changes dishes everyday to provide a whole range of flavors to its customers. Also its price is very reasonable.

-Our students are in charge of our canteen. It provides an opportunity for our students to learn how to work and cooperate with others. Most importantly, our students can gain lots of experience while working here and this will benefit them greatly after they leave this school.

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