Student:  Kathy

Teacher: Ya-Ting Yang


Hi! My name is Kathy. I’m a freshman.

Today, I’m going to introduce this computer room to all of you.  First of all, please take a look of this computer room 309.  The equipment in this room includes 61computers, desks, a whiteboard and a projector.  We use this room for many English classes because teachers can use the facilities in this classroom to enhance our 4 skills.  For example, in listening and speaking classes, with the help of useful websites, teachers can show us both American and British accents.  This is something different from what my teachers did in my previous schools.  In addition, teachers can make use of the broadcast system to show us what’s on the teacher’s computer. In this way, students can follow the teachers more closely.  Moreover, because our teachers use PPT and the students all have their own computers and monitor in front of them, they won’t have the problem of not being able to see the whiteboard or the projected images on the screen.  After all, personally speaking, I like to come to this computer room for my classes. 

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