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Wednesday 9:00 - 11:50 am)


Chih-Chuan Chen

Office Phone No.: 06-571-8888 (extension 741 on campus) 

e-mail: (FB) or



1.Class Discription:

This course is an introduction to the management function. It will focus on the theory and fundamental concepts of management including planning, organization, leadership, and control. This class will review the evolution of management thought, function and practice and will stress current approaches and emerging concepts.

2.Testing & Grading

This class will test the students' mastery of fundamental management concepts, principles, and definitions. There will be a midterm exams (100 points). A final paper will be required (100 points in value). Additional course requirements include:

1. Classroom attendance & participation*

2. Periodic quizzes 

3. Homework assignments

Course grades are based on the following:

        1.Attendance 10 %

2.Class discussion 20 %

3.Homework 20 %

4.Mid-term Exam 25 %

5.Final Paper 25%

3.Rule of Engagement Specifics

1.      You are expected to be in class, on time, prepared to discuss the material assigned on the syllabus.

2.      Foodstuffs should be consumed prior to or after class. (Please notify the instructor about special

medical conditions which merit an exception.)

3.      Leaving during a class session should occur only for emergencies. Checking one's e-mail is not a

valid emergency. (Please notify the instructor about special medical conditions which merit an exception.)

4.      Common courtesy dictates only one conversation at a time. Priority is given to the conversation initiated by the instructor or guest speaker.

5.      Get your money's worth! Attend, participate, learn and grow! Challenge yourself. We will learn a great deal from each other.

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